British Columbia Institute of Technology

BCIT Google Lunar X contestants Alex and Sergei Dobrianski

BCIT: Home of the Canadian XPRIZE team trying to land a rover on the moon

The Google Lunar XPRIZE challenges teams—like the Dobrianski family, the only Canadian entrants—to send a rover to the moon and back for a $30-million prize

BCIT Microgrid

BCIT spent $30M to develop a microgrid to power its Burnaby campus

Canada’s first Smart Power Microgrid lives at BCIT’s Burnaby campus. It’s a powerful research model and provides a sustainable in-house energy source.


Mandatory exercise? Programming students hit ‘delete’

After years of being forced to attend phys-ed classes, computer programmers at a B.C. school revolt

Mandatory gym? Ctrl-Alt-Delete

Computing students fight back against forced exercise


BCIT to lose 82 jobs

Budget deficit years in the making