Broken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene. (Norman Wong)

Broken Social Scene returns, unbowed in its musical mission

Canadian indie rock’s supergroup returns to action to show unity among their heady ranks—at a time when unity can feel scarce

We need to talk about Kevin. And Andy.

An indie darling and a forgotten pop icon breathe new life into each other’s work
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Shadowy Men step into the spotlight

Surviving members are playing two shows and reissuing all three albums

Forever Young

Neil Young was the designated patriarch at this year’s Juno love-in between elders and upstarts
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He’s the one with the bag on his head

‘Super-paranoid’ Taylor Kirk is the antithesis of the soul-baring introspective Drake
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Broken Social Scene: precariously back together again

‘We’re not going anywhere’: the indie-rock collective returns
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Top 10 Canadian albums of the decade

Maclean’s writers pick the records they never got sick of hearing