Buckingham Palace

Captain Megan Couto of the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, makes history as she becomes the first woman to command the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace, London

Why a Canadian soldier led the Queen’s Guard

Capt. Megan Couto was the first female to ever lead the Guard. How did it happen, and what’s behind the tradition?
Exterior view of Buckingham Palace. Royal baby. William Fawcett/iStock

Buckingham Palace renovation: 9 things you may not know

What needs to be renovated at Buckingham Palace? Who’s paying? Is it worth it?
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Prince George steals show, again

Starting a week of royal pomp and spectacle with a star
Diamonds are a queen’s best friend

Diamonds are the Queen’s best friend

A book about Elizabeth’s sparklers contains delicious details about the gems
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New photos from the royal wedding

George Pimentel’s latest snaps of Prince William and Kate Middleton on their wedding day
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The royal wedding route

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s path through London on their wedding day
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Newsmakers: Remodelling

Sprucing up the house can be as simple as a new coat of paint or rearranging the furniture. Now and then, though, there are complications.