In Lahore, Pakistan, protesters carry a banner reading “stop killing rohingya muslims”

Myanmar proves ’Buddhist’ doesn’t necessarily mean ’peaceful’

Opinion: The West is mesmerized by the idea that Buddhism equals non-violence, and it blinds us to the atrocities unfolding in Myanmar

When monks go bad

Sex, drugs and money laundering: behind Thai Buddhism’s fall from grace
The battle for Buddha

Mindfulness goes corporate -- and purists aren’t pleased

How the Buddhist tradition has been marshalled to grow profits and productivity
Film on Mexican drug cartels, movie violence, and whether America is getting more pot-positive

In conversation: Oliver Stone

On Mexican drug cartels, movie violence and whether America is getting more pot-positive
Pest control for vegans - It’s complicated

Pest control for vegans. (It’s complicated.)

Even de-fleaing a dog can be a problem. After all, "fleas are living beings, too."
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What can Buddhism teach Tiger Woods?

Woods says his redemption includes going back to his Buddhist roots
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A conflicted lama’s Canadian connection

Media-shy Buddhist speaks exclusively to Maclean’s OnCampus about his time in British Columbia
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Q & A with Osel Hita Torres

A rare interview with one of Buddhism’s most enigmatic figures
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Radicals vs. Buddha

Pakistan’s Buddhist heritage is under attack by the Taliban