budget 2009 - it's coming!


It’s his budget and he’ll not show up if he wants to*

Pre-show no-show: Finance minister won’t meet with media before tabling “extraordinary” budget


From the Office of the PBO: Deficits for Dummies

As promised, the Parliamentary Budget Office – which now has its very own RSS feed — the very first parliamentary site to do so –  has released its latest pre-budget briefing note for parliamentarians. 


UPDATED: The first rule of Jim Flaherty’s figh—er, consultation club: Don’t talk about the consultation club!

Okay, it’s time to run a little ITQ-flavoured fact check on Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s claim that a “great deal of consultation” has gone into the budget thus far, which he made earlier this morning in Thornhill, just before going into a closed-door, by-invitation-only “consultation roundtable”: