Peter MacKay on Afghanistan, the F-35 controversy and military spending

About that ‘cyber-bullying’ bill

The hashing out of C-13


The return of C-30?

Police chiefs are pushing for the resurrection of the government’s “lawful access” legislation.


Vic Toews stands, the government waits, the public disagrees

The Public Safety Minister attempts to defend himself.


Vic Toews stands with Vic Toews

The Public Safety Minister writes to the National Post to counter the suggestion he was not entirely well-acquainted with his own legislation.


You either stand with Vic Toews or…

Stockwell Day, one of Mr. Toews’ predecessors at Public Safety, explains his position on C-30.


How to salvage C-30

David Fraser offers four amendments.


Vic Toews v. C-30

Also from the Public Safety Minister’s interview with The House, there seems to be some confusion as to what the Harper government’s online surveillance legislation actually entails.