Campaign Life Coalition

Au revoir (eventually), Maurice Vellacott

A prominent social conservative won’t seek re-election


‘A sad day for Canada’

A release from the Campaign Life Coalition.


‘The Prime Minister claims to not have a hidden agenda’

In a release headlined “MP Bev Oda’s resignation is good news for unborn children,” the pro-life Campaign Life Coalition celebrates Ms. Oda’s exit, blaming her for the decision last year to fund Planned Parenthood (the same decision spurred Brad Trost to speak out).


‘Misrepresent the government’s position’

The Prime Minister’s Office tells CP the government will not be funding abortion overseas as part of its maternal health plan and a spokeswoman for International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda says Ms. Oda’s comments to the Ottawa Citizen were “taken out of context and misrepresent the government’s position.” (Though a LifeSiteNews report had Ms. Oda’s office not taking issue with how the comments were rendered.)


Eye of the beholder

After a day of debate, the Liberal motion was defeated by a count of 144-138, with three Liberals voting against.