Campus Safety


Are universities complicit in sexual violence?

’The Hunting Ground,’ Kirby Dick’s new documentary on sexual violence at U.S. universities, shines a light on institutional problems and brave survivors
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Critics oppose ’don’t walk alone’ message

Report released on high-profile sexual assaults at UBC

A deadly armed robbery happened on my campus

I would have appreciated a text message alert
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Bad roommates can be deadly

So why do universities make it so hard to switch rooms?
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Drunk student paralyzed by fall from bed

Sues university for negligence
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McGill issues warning after sexual assaults

Four young women attacked in residential area near campus
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MUN professor receives death threat

University cancels professor’s class as a precaution
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Man found guilty of Eastern Michigan U murder

University president was forced to resign after cover-up
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Student media and campus shootings

Canadian student newspapers need to plan to cover a tragic event on their campus