Canada Child Benefit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses Canadians on the COVID-19 pandemic from Rideau Cottage in Ottawa on Wednesday, April 29, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

Trudeau’s daily coronavirus update: Canadian company could start human trials for COVID-19 treatment in July [Full transcript]

In his Sunday briefing, the PM announced $175 million in funding for ’very promising’ research by AbCellera, saying ’they’ve identified antibodies that could be used in drugs to treat this virus.’

The Trudeau government’s policies reward dependence, not hard work

Opinion: While the government is right to tout the importance of hard work as key to a better life, its actions do not match this lofty rhetoric
Justin Trudeau Charlotte Faragher James Faragher Russell Scarrow

Who benefits most from the new Liberal child care benefit?

The Liberals’ signature child care program directs a big bulk of new spending to middle-income earners
Justin Trudeau

Already in the middle class? Trudeau’s reforms look great

But if you’re struggling to join it? Not nearly as appealing

Why CPP reform is the Liberals’ bold play for the middle

The Liberals’ CPP reform is just part of a larger—and risky—thrust to win over the middle class

Find out how much the Canada Child Benefit will help your family

Use our interactive tool to determine your monthly and annual child benefit payouts—and compare them to the cancelled benefits of years past.
Mike Moffatt

Why the Liberals’ proposed child tax benefit is so important

The child tax program would simplify Canada’s unneccessarily complex tax system while at the same time making it fairer