Canada Post

Lost in the mail

Can Canada Post survive the digital era?

Even radical reform might not save the post office now
Peace tower

The quiet cuts

More things that there isn’t money for anymore
A perfect war for politicians

1812: A perfect war for politicians

The War of 1812 is Canada’s only fully inclusive, federalism-friendly conflict

Franklin the Turtle goes postal

For his 25th anniversary, Canada Post dedicates a stamp series to the iconic turtle
CANADA POST – Diamond Jubilee celebration begins at Canada Post

Canada Post’s Diamond Jubilee stamp strikes all the right chords

Fortunately, the post office left behind the creators of the 2002 abomination
Through sleet, just not snow

Canada Post goes through sleet, just not snow

Canada Post considers suspending door-to-door delivery to 400 residents of St. John’s, Nfld.