Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Evan Solomon in conversation with Perrin Beatty

As most provinces agree to an expanded Canada Pension Plan, Evan Solomon finds a critic in Perrin Beatty of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Is Canada losing $50 million per day on oil exports?

Andrew Leach checks the math on a popular estimate

The future of jobs in Canada

Skills mismatch may mean 1.5 million vacancies by 2016


Beatty’s list: business priorities and political realities

The anxious tone the Prime Minister recently injected into the debate on Canada’s economic competitiveness was picked up today and amplified by one of the country’s top business lobbyists—Perrin Beatty, president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.


The corporate tax cut debate

Jasmin Guénette and Vincent Geloso from the Montreal Economic Institute, Maxime Bernier’s old haunt, lament the Liberal promise to cancel future corporate tax cuts.


The long form long list

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce dips a toe in the pool of concern.


Let us settle this like gentlemen

On Monday, Perrin Beatty, president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, wrote Michael Ignatieff to express his concern with the Liberal leader’s vow to freeze corporate tax rates at their current level.