Canadian election

Conservative supporters try to block Climate Change signs before party leader Andrew Scheer's arrival at a rally in Annapolis Royal, N.S., on Sept. 20, 2019. (Frank Gunn/CP)

To win the next election, Conservatives need a credible climate plan

Ken Boessenkool: The 905 presents a massive opportunity for the Conservative Party, if they can come up with a climate plan that reels in accessible voters

The permanent campaign: U.S. versus Canada

David Moscrop: If American elections were run under Canadian rules, would it make a difference in the quality or outcome of their races?

The U.S. democratic primary debate versus the Canadian federal leaders debate

Jaime J. Weinman: The U.S. debate was like Saturday Night Live, while the Canadian debate, appropriately enough, was more like SCTV

Liberals and Conservatives are neck and neck

Andrew MacDougall: The deck has been stacked. All the more reason for Conservatives to stick to their campaign script—helping ordinary Canadians get ahead.
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Is election of students another sign MPs are faceless?

Young MPs will be under the microscope
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Stop shaming young people to vote

Ultimately, the decision to vote should be a personal one
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Video: Advice for first time voters

Don’t wear the wrong colour t-shirt