Canadian exports

A rescue farm in Duncan, Vancouver Island, holds horses that have avoided slaughter (Photograph by Jen Osborne)

Canada is a go-to source of horsemeat. These activists are trying to change that.

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition is waging a court battle to end Canada’s role as an exporter of live horses and frozen horsemeat for human consumption

Canadian exporters are finally waking up to opportunity in Asia

Canadians are struggling to make the most of trade opportunities shifting across the Pacific
Canada exports

5 depressing facts about Canada’s exports

It’s in the nitty gritty of what we sell to the world, where it goes—and where it doesn’t—that the shortfall in Canada’s exports is most glaring
Canada exports

Are Canadian exports finding their wheels again?

Autos are about to replace oil and gas as Canada’s biggest export for the first time in eight years, but don’t get too excited
Happy Magic Watercube Water Park, Beijing China. Forrec

The services industry: Canada’s secret economic playground?

Some of our fastest-growing exports are in the overlooked services sector. That’s good for Canada’s job market.
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Will Canadian exports stay strong in Q3?

Your top financial news for Sept. 4.
Stephen Poloz Mark Carney

Does BoC Governor Poloz believe in export diversification?

Little mention of emerging markets in governor’s first public address
2013 economy

Fourth-quarter GDP growth was bad: here’s why

The Canadian economy needs a lift, but the world isn’t co-operating