Canadian government

Politicians and public servants worked long hours to churn out the CERB in record time (Lars Hagberg/CP)

The year that bloated bureaucracy took a back seat to getting things done

The pandemic forced a culture shift in governments that usually move slowly on purpose, proving that red tape really can be cut

Canadians are telling their government—do whatever it takes to make it right

Michael Valpy and Frank Graves: What we are witnessing from Canadians is seismic shift in collective behaviour, leading to a fundamental transformation of the role of the state and a re-balancing of societal power

Watch Canadians grill Trudeau over ethics and pot legalization

Justin Trudeau faced tough questions at his first town-hall event of the year in Sackville, N.S., where he had to defend the ethics of his vacation with the Aga Khan, legalization of marijuana and Ottawa’s position on ALS treatments.


A tinpot Parliament voted in by a tiny minority

One crude but effective remedy is to do as Australia has done: make voting mandatory