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Female doctors are on the rise in Canada

The number of female doctors in Canada has climbed dramatically over the past nearly 50 years. Women have gone from accounting for just seven per cent of physicians in 1970 to more than 40 per cent today, according to recent numbers released by the Canadian Institute for Health Information. How those numbers break down between family medicine…

These are the provinces where the opioid crisis is growing fastest

In the past decade alone, the rate of people hospitalized due to opioid poisoning has increased more than 50 per cent, according to new data released Thursday by the Canadian Institute for Health Information. Meanwhile  an average of 16 people a day end up in a Canadian hospital due to opioid poisoning. How those numbers break…

Heartburn pills that cause heart attacks, antidepressants that lead to suicide

Why does Canada trail U.S. and EU in protecting citizens from dangerous meds?

The medical lottery: treatment rates vary wildly from one city to another

A look at the highest and lowest rates of surgery in the country


Health care superboard is superbad in Alberta

Centralized health care may be cheaper, but it comes at a political cost

Hospital performance is all over the map

Quality of care varies from province to province and hospital to hospital, according to newly released data


A topic close to my heart. Or my corpus callosum

With the radiation hazards of CT scans under sudden scrutiny, readers may like to peek at the sparse data that CIHI has on their usage in Canada and other countries: