Canadian values

People cheer during the the Canada Day noon show on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Monday, July 1, 2019. (Justin Tang/CP)

This Canada Day, the country must reflect on its history to write its future

Anita Li: Canada must return to its core values—sustainability, multiculturalism and human rights—which have not been upheld in recent years
Candidates Participate In The Final Federal Conservative Leadership Debate

Canada supports a ‘values’ test. But not the values of the far right.

While 84% of respondents back screening of new immigrants, the values they actually support seem to lean left

CPC Leadership: The Canadian Values Test with Murad Hemmadi

Ahead of this weekend’s Conservative leadership convention, Maclean’s editor Murad Hemmadi unpacks everything that’s wrong with Kellie Leitch’s ‘Canadian values’ screening questions.
Inside harper’s big blue tent

Inside Harper’s big blue tent

Canada’s conservatives are more united than ever