Sean Michaels: When the story is stranger than fiction

The winner of the 2014 Giller Prize expounds on the thin line between fact and fiction, and the value of the digital world
The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher and Other Stories by Hilary Mantel

A deadly new collection of short stories

Book review: Hilary Mantel’s ’The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher and Other Stories’
Quartet for the End of Time by Johanna Skibsrud

The echoes and rattles of lyrical literature

Book review: Giller Prize winner Johanna Skibsrud’s ’Quartet for the End of Time’

Caught in her own hall of mirrors

Ann-Marie MacDonald revisits a bout of adult-onset rage in her barely fictional novel

Margaret Atwood returns from the future, to this moment

In the wake of her futuristic MaddAddam trilogy, Atwood’s new short-story collection are back in the present. With a burning vengeance.

Short stories are beautiful, but will they sell?

Prizes and critics are in love with short stories these days. It’s those pesky readers . . .
Brian Bethune

How to Be a Better Canadian: Read

Brian Bethune’s essential guide to Canadian literature

Alice Munro: Never too much happiness

From 2013: Inside the remarkable triumph of the world’s greatest storyteller
Margaret Atwood Inc.

Margaret Atwood Inc.

A subtle examination of the business of being the queen of CanLit
feature kim

Giller Prize nominee Kim Thúy on the fragility and power of books

Plus, an excerpt from the author’s semi-autobiographical novel, which details a harrowing journey from Vietnam to Canada