carbon pricing

Ontario Premier Ford once got a lot of mileage out of attacking the carbon tax but now seems to be easing off the gas (Nathan Denette/CP)

The last gasp of the anti-carbon taxers

While premiers rage about Ottawa’s overreach, their big fight to stop carbon taxes finally ends—and the environmentalists win

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10 GIFs that debunk myths about carbon pricing in Canada

Tabatha Southey: I encourage you to read a new concise report about carbon pricing myths. But in order for it to be most useful, I’ve taken some liberties.

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Ahead of a meeting with the premiers, the Prime Minister spoke about economic issues: trade barriers, consistent carbon prices, and the pipeline approval process

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As the House breaks for summer, there’s carbon pricing, Indigenous reconciliation, economic worries—and more problem files for the Trudeau government

Doug Ford begins his foolhardy, costly fight against carbon pricing in Ontario

Opinion: Now that the Ontario PCs have earned a majority mandate, Ford is set to see through his vow to scrap a ‘carbon tax’ that isn’t a tax—and potentially sue the feds

Both the NDP and UCP support a price on carbon. It’s time we admit it.

It may sound odd, especially in today’s highly polarized Alberta, but Jason Kenney and Rachel Notley have more in common when it comes to carbon pricing than most realize

The real costs and benefits of carbon pricing

Opinion: Yes, carbon pricing, like all climate policies, will have economic costs. But that doesn’t mean we should take no policy action.

Why Saskatchewan is still holding out on the feds’ climate plan

Opinion: Industry leaders and the rest of Canada have agreed to the Pan-Canadian climate framework. But Scott Moe—like Brad Wall—isn’t budging

Canada’s phony debate about carbon taxes

Opinion: Most provincial and federal climate plans use carbon pricing as a revenue tool to fund government programs that subsidize inefficient carbon reduction strategies

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Opinion: Instead of scoring cheap political points on Trudeau’s carbon tax, Conservatives need to get serious and offer their own alternative

The B.C.-Alberta pipeline fight could undo our national climate plan

Opinion: The climate plan depends on Alberta’s buy-in. Blocking the Trans Mountain pipeline could put that at risk and make it impossible to meet Canada’s emissions target.