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Waldorf closes, the Mad Minute & Carleton discrimination

What students are talking about today (January 11th)
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Students’ Charter rights weren’t breached: court

Carleton had anti-abortion protesters arrested in 2010
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Big week in pro-life politics on campus

UNB ratifies pro-lifers as Carleton considers ban
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Carleton asks judge to throw out discrimination case

Students wanted to show graphic images in high-traffic area

Playing favourites with ideology

Carleton student union upholds decision to ban anti-abortion group
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Carleton pro-life group to sue

Wants official student group status restored
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CUSA reviews anti pro-life policy

Pro-life club could regain status in December
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Money, not free speech, at issue in Carleton pro-life dispute

Carleton students shouldn’t be forced to pay for a group they don’t support

Carleton student union to enact discriminatory ban

Threat to decertify pro-life group ignores union’s pledge to protect campus diversity