Martin Patriquin

Charlie Hebdo harsher with Christianity than Islam

The magazine has, at times, loudly defended the Muslim faith
black cat

What students are talking about today (October 22nd edition)

A pipeline protest, a really bad cartoon & black cats
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’Herman’ creator Jim Unger was a master of offbeat humour

The influential artist had a rocky relationship with Canada, his adopted country
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A sadder but wiser Addams Family

Transformed into a Broadway musical, the kooky characters turn introspective

Snow Globe

Have you ever wondered if there’s life outside of the classroom?

Goat accent

What should you do when you have a hard time understanding your professor?

Revenge of the test tubes

What happens when test tubes get testy?
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Artificial Intelligence

A new cartoon blog by Scott-Dobson Mitchell that’s all about education. Except when it’s not.
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Making fun of Canadian history

A 25-year-old’s comics feature characters like John Diefenbaker and Margaret Trudeau