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Anne Kingston on the MS research that captured headlines in 2013

CCSVI death knell sounds again

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Shorter CCSVI explainer: Time to liberate liberation treatment

Last week’s shut-down of the Albany, NY clinical trial investigating CCSVI treatment due to lack of patient enrollment is a big set-back on a number of fronts. It’s bad news for the Saskatchewan government, which allocated $2.2 million and recruited patients to travel to the U.S.—and a  blow for those who’d taken part in the trial or were lined up to go. But, like all failures, it’s instructive.

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OTTAWA – The Conservatives have used their Senate majority to kill legislation that would have authorized a national strategy to deal with a controversial therapy for multiple sclerosis.

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TORONTO – The federal government is going ahead with a patient trial of a controversial experimental treatment for multiple sclerosis.

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