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‘The Breakfast Club’ for wayward celebs

Rob Ford, A-Rod, Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan and Anthony Weiner reflect on their actions
Canada’s gossip magnate

Lainey Lui: Canada’s gossip magnate

A vital player in the new Hollywood hype machine, Lui is building an empire out of ‘smut’
Sask Unruly Passenger

Newsmakers of the week

Glenn Beck’s new shill, a star turn for a senator’s spouse, and an MP stands up for shark fin soup
Bieber boxer rotator

Bieber beats up paparazzo?

Paparazzo sheds every last bit of self-resepect and tells the world he was beaten up by teen heartthrob
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Listen up, Hollywood, your public demands dirt

We’re suffering a severe recession of public inebriation and nudity. It’s time to step up.