Idea alert

NDP MP Mike Sullivan proposes a stolen cellphone registry.

What was that number again?

São Paulo runs out of cellphone numbers

The Brazilian city is poised to start using nine digits after the area code

Does WiFi pose health risks?

If you fear WiFi, you may also want to steer clear of baby powder


On the run from radio frequencies

Some Canadians go to great lengths to escape waves of radiation from electronics that are considered harmless

Five more apps for students

Improve your finances, romantic life, grades, research…

Want free pizza? Hazy about last night? Try these apps.

Scott Dobson-Mitchell reviews five apps for students

Delivery men in blue

Delivery men in blue

When a cop pulls up behind you on the side of the road, what do you typically expect to happen? At best, a gentle warning; at worst, some time in the slammer. In Fredericton, it appears you may be treated to a free pizza courtesy of the local Pizza Hut—if you’re following the rules.

Good news

Good news, bad news: June 30 – July 7, 2011

The Canadian military heads for the far North while Manitobans stare at a massive bill for flood cleanup.

Do you take cellphone?

Do you take cellphone?

PayPal, the online payment-processing system made popular by eBay, its corporate parent, is betting that its future may not be online, but in the real world. PayPal is planning a push into retail stores with a system that would involve swiping cellphones at registers to make payments, rather than using credit or debit cards. The company, which has 95 million users online, estimates expanding into physical stores could double its revenues to $7 billion within two years.