End notes

Sometimes no notes are the best kind for lecturing.

Is It Really All Part of HOUSE’s Master Plan?

I’ve seen this idea thrown around a few times, but rarely as explicitly as in this comment on a House season finale review. In response to the reviewer’s criticism of the fact that House never changes (and the writers always pull back and go “psych!” every time they make it look like he’s going to), even though the show keeps throwing stuff at him that would require any normal person to change, the commenter responds that — and I’ve put in capitalization n’ stuff, since the commenter is apparently e.e. cummings: “The series told you years after years people don’t change. People, grown up people don’t change. They REACT to change.The show tells that years after years. And you still discover that ?” In other words, it’s pointless to complain that nobody ever changes, because that’s the whole point of the show.

Megapundit: Where’s our Obama?

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