Charles Sousa


Ontario budget 2018: Full speech transcript

For the record, the budget speech Ontario Finance Minister delivered at Queen’s Park
Ontario legislature throne speech

Ontario Liberals release the 2018 budget: full video

Charles Sousa tabled a deficit budget heading into an election. Watch his speech here.
Kathleen Wynne

How exactly did Ontario Liberals balance the budget?

Kathleen Wynne’s government promised to restore fiscal balance not by raising taxes, but by cutting spending and growing the economy. How’d they do?
Kathleen Wynne; Charles Sousa

Ontario 2017 budget speech: Watch the video live

Watch Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa deliver the province’s budget for 2017-18
Real Estate

The Wynne government flies blindly into the housing bubble

Ontario sat idle while foreign buyers flocked to Toronto. With no reliable data, who knows what the province’s new tax will do?
Victoria Real Estate 2

How to cool a red-hot housing market

Animal spirits still rule Canada’s real estate scene, working urban markets into a froth. But there are ways to tame them.
strike tuition fees

Free tuition is good. But it’s just a start.

Affordability and accessibility remain barriers for education. But they’re not alone—and that must be addressed.
Charles Sousa; Kathleen Wynne

Good times are back in Ontario. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

A low dollar and increased exports are wind in Ontario’s economic sails. For now.
Ontario Liberal 20130125

Who’s who in the Ontario Liberal Leadership race

What you need to know about the six candidates, and then some