Charles Taylor

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Deported refugee fears for his life in Liberia

Removed from Canada, Cindor Reeves worried that Liberian assassins would try to kill him. They are.
American Warlord. A True Story by Johnny Dwyer.

The true story of an American warlord: Book review

American Warlord is required reading for human rights advocates, even if it occasionally tumbles into laborious minutiae, writes reviewer Michael Fraiman

Good news, bad news

There’s hope for diplomacy with Iran. Meanwhile, the Vatican spells Jesus wrong.
Charles Taylor

Top gun runner for Charles Taylor arrested in Freetown

Ibrahim Bah acted as a liaison for the former Liberian dictator

Refuge for Cindor Reeves

Why the brother-in-law of a former Liberian president was granted immigration status in the Netherlands
Civil War In Liberia

Bill Horace: Accused in Liberia, living in Toronto

A former Liberian army rebel commander accused of war crimes is under investigation in Canada
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Newsmakers: Apr. 26-May. 4, 2011

Vancouver’s pot-friendly mayor, Dr. Seuss’s trouble-making turtle, and Obama’s ‘really big stick’
Sierra Leone Taylor

Charles Taylor and the tarnished pursuit of justice

When old Nazi collaborators are found here, our government responds. Not so when an alleged African war criminal is discovered