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Charlie Sheen and the chase for an HIV vaccine

Charlie Sheen has the drugs to keep HIV at bay. One day, scientists hope to have a vaccine.

Fast-forward to the reruns

Fast-forward to the sitcom reruns

There is cash is in syndication, and some networks are speeding up production at the cost of quality

2012: The year of the comeback

Many happy returns to some familiar faces

CBS has lost its Sheen

Villains: CBS has lost its Sheen

As Two and a Half Men rolls on without him, Charlie treads the familiar path of a washed-up star and turns to cable tv

The Ashton Kutcher phenomenon

The Ashton Kutcher phenomenon

Bright young actors, not aging stars, are grabbing up the hottest roles this fall

What Andrea wants...

What Andrea Canning wants…

The TV journalist who famously ‘got’ Charlie Sheen has a surprising Canadian target in her sights


TV Exclusive! Something Will Happen Sometime

I was forwarded this “exclusive” item about the fate of Two and a Half Men post-Sheen, and found that it says… basically nothing. This is not a knock on the writers of the piece, Kim Masters and Lacey Rose, who are writing what they know and, perhaps, all anybody knows at this point. But literally all we really find out about the show is this:


The Most Damning Promo of All Time

I was looking for one of the Two and a Half Men syndication promos that have reportedly incorporated the Sheentroversy into their advertising. I didn’t find them on YouTube, but I did find this, apparently made for a station in Augusta, Georgia. It’s quite possibly the most withering, corrosive criticism I have ever seen of Sheen’s show and its influence on culture and society, literally using its own words against it. And it was made to promote the show. Very strange.

How do you replace the show’s star?

Three of the biggest hits on network TV are dealing with disappearing lead actors


This week: Newsmakers

Prince Andrew’s friends in all the wrong places, Natalie Portman just can’t win, and adios, Glenn Beck?


Charlie Sheen: Boring and Fired

Well, that other shoe has dropped and dropped hard: Warner Brothers just announced that it has terminated Charlie Sheen’s contract.