Chateau Laurier

Views Of Canada’s Capital As Canada Looks Forward To Rejoining Nafta Talks

Tom Green is here to save the Chateau Laurier

Politics insider for July 12: Another Liberal MP’s (potential) ethical quagmire, Trudeau invokes his kids and our climate change cover
Rendering of the Château Laurier addition, the Bytown museum view. (LARCO)

The Chateau Laurier fiasco exposes the idiocy of city amalgamations

Stephen Maher: The politicians who voted to let this happen represent people who have as much to do with the Laurier as people in Nova Scotia
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The Chateau Laurier battle, and the risk of marring Ottawa’s historic core

In the Parliament Hill precinct, just about everything built, upgraded or repurposed demands scrutiny

Why Ottawa can’t have nice things

Stephen Maher: The Chateau Laurier is the linchpin of a historic capital city that Canadians can be proud of. Ottawa is about to wreck it.
Chateau Laurier hotel addition rendering. (Peter Clewes/architectsAlliance)

Architect Peter Clewes on the Château Laurier expansion

On the visceral reaction to his Château Laurier reboot, the privilege of iconic buildings—and what he was trying to say
Library of Parliament 445×290

Inside 5 of Ottawa’s most influential rooms

The Prime Minister’s Office gets all the attention, but these spaces in and around the capital have all been witness to power
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The best thing to happen to the Liberals

With no one to yell at, the party has done some useful policy work