Ches Crosbie

In Newfoundland, a razor-close election that nobody really won

A province in dire need of stable government instead gets a minority, and a likely return to the polls in the near future

Newfoundland and Labrador election 2019: Live results

Voters in Newfoundland and Labrador cast their ballots Thursday in what pollsters predicted would be a neck-and-neck contest between the incumbent Liberals and the renascent Progressive Conservatives

Think your election choice is tough? Try being a Newfoundlander

With debt piling up and the economy in shambles, the parties seem unable to distinguish themselves for Thursday’s election. No wonder it’s too close to call.

Why the Tories said no to a star candidate in Newfoundland

Ches Crosbie’s family’s political roots go deep in Newfoundland. And yet his career was crushed before it began.