Chicago Blackhawks


The story behind Marc-André Fleury’s Indigenous-designed helmet

The Chicago Blackhawks wanted to honour their Indigenous namesakes. Toronto-based Ojibwe artist Patrick Hunter explains the thinking behind the new helmet.

The biggest losers in hockey

Dave Bidini vows to embrace the sadness that comes with cheering for the Leafs
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Hugh Grant’s revenge on the tabloids, the granny who killed the Internet, and Mark Zuckerberg wins again
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The Stanley cup goes on vacation

Niagara Falls. Paris, sure. But Froot Loops in the Cup and dogs drinking beer?
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Bob Probert’s final years

The former NHLer put his off-ice struggles behind him and died a family man
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VIDEO: Top 10 cheap shots during the 2009 NHL Playoffs

Think we’ve missed any? Then add a link to what you deem the dirtiest hit this post-season.