The lost year in education

Education disruption is the ‘shadow pandemic’ that could eclipse the health crisis in its impact. And with mounting learning gaps and lagging policy, Canadian students are falling behind their global peers.
(Photograph by Jennifer Roberts)

The COVID-19 pandemic is remapping childhood—and the effects may linger

Not only do we not understand what the virus does to kids, we’re also in the dark about what this crisis might mean for them psychologically and emotionally. Some researchers are trying to look ahead.
Gender fluidity 445×290

Maclean’s preview: Boys will be girls

This week’s cover story: Inside the world of gender fluidity
Girl standing outside bathroom

Hold it! Some kids have a phobia of going poo

Children with functional constipation are normal in every respect except one
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Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue in conversation

On pain, nerves, the future, and how their relationship almost fell apart before the Olympics
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Nostalgia is for dummies

I’m trying to keep in mind all the nasty things childhood entails.