Christine Elliott

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Surprise result from Doug Ford’s win: There are now more women in Queen’s Park

Not as surprising, given the new PC majority: A lot of them are conservatives
Doug Ford

Is Doug Ford’s victory a ’lifeline to Wynne’s Liberals’?

The plain-talking, folksy new PC leader will appeal to growing populist leanings, but he may also struggle to win over key urban Ontario voters
Doug Ford

For Ontario’s Conservatives, another fine mess

Paul Wells: The night ends with a Doug Ford win—ha-ha, nervous laugh. If there’s a lesson it’s that Ontario conservatism is a complex coalition.
Christine Elliott

In this Ontario PC leadership race, Christine Elliott’s experience might finally count

A new Angus Reid Institute poll sees Elliott with more appeal beyond the PC base than rival Doug Ford
Tanya Granic Allen, Caroline Mulroney, Christine Elliott, Doug Ford

Christine Elliott and the Pips

Paul Wells: The other candidates in Wednesday’s PC leadership debate spent much time focused on Elliott. Like backup singers to a possible premier.
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Ontario PC leadership debate: Watch it here

Leadership candidates Christine Elliott, Doug Ford and Caroline Mulroney debate each other today. Watch the broadcast here.
Doug Ford

Scrapping carbon taxes leaves a gaping hole in the Ontario PC platform

Opinion: The Ontario Progressive Conservatives have created a fiscal and environmental hole for themselves they have no clear way to fill

The Commons: A mysterious stranger enters the story

Allegations about Guergis "came forth from a third party"