Sara Abdi and Negar Labbae are protein sampling

It’s time for a bold new vision for Canadian fundamental science

Opinion: Much of the Naylor report discussion has focussed on funding. But Canada also needs to overhaul its fundamental research enterprise
Laboratory Experiment blood test

Innovative science research in Canada is dying a silent death

Opinion: Federal science funding continues to be cut, shuttering labs and slowing innovation. And Canadians should be mad.
Dr. Daniel Simon points to the dye running through the jugular vein of Neelima Raval, 38, who has lived with multiple sclerosis for 13 years, and who is being tested for narrowed veins by Dr. Simon at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Edison, N.J.

The silent treatment: How Canada has failed MS sufferers

Internal documents show why Canada has not kept its promise to accelerate contentious clinical trials for MS
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Will new rules prevent academic fraud?

Canada’s funding agencies define cheating, promise stats
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UCalgary could lose $80 million in research funding

University scrambles to clean up its handling of federal research grants.

Pfizer exec’s appointment loopy

Fed’s latest choice for CIHR governing council in conflict of interest