During past epidemics, cities’ populations shrank due to death and the flight of those who could afford to leave. Will it be any different this time? (James MacDonald/Bloomberg/Getty Images)

All the ways the pandemic could change cities forever

Abandoned office towers, empty subways, deserted cafés—post-pandemic, many cities will never be the same

Rendering of the Château Laurier addition, the Bytown museum view. (LARCO)

The Chateau Laurier fiasco exposes the idiocy of city amalgamations

Stephen Maher: The politicians who voted to let this happen represent people who have as much to do with the Laurier as people in Nova Scotia

Big cities, little respect: Why Montreal’s pipeline problem is a proxy war

Evan Solomon explains how Denis Coderre’s brouhaha over Energy East shows that Canada’s balance of power is tipping toward long-marginalized city mayors

How cities are making our rats smarter and spiders bigger

The wildlife around us are evolving to adapt to life in the big city


Idea alert

Do we need a minister of cities?

Photo essay: ‘Rooftopping’ is the new trend in photography

Climbers defy gravity to capture heavenly perspectives and stomach-turning drops


Nash on infrastructure

Just in time for tonight’s debate in Toronto, Peggy Nash has announced her plan for infrastructure funding.

Enough with the NIMBY neighbours in Guelph

Opinion: high-density housing near campus makes sense

Building a better city

Building a better city

The high cost of aging infrastructure inspires researchers seeking the longevity of the parthenon


Paul Dewar goes urban (II)

Courtesy of the Dewar campaign, here are the other elements of the NDP leadership candidate’s urban agenda.


Paul Dewar goes urban

The NDP leadership candidate has announced the broad points of his urban agenda.

Kitchener meets its Waterloo

Kitchener meets its Waterloo

Canada’s old ‘German capital’ is once again learning the art—and politics—of reinvention