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Canada’s Best Universities 2023: Average Class Size

Maclean’s tracks undergraduate class sizes, which can vary significantly and impact students’ learning experience

The average undergraduate class size at Canadian universities

Looking for small classes with lots of attention from the prof? Or want to get lost in a crowd? Either way, these statistics should help.

Is big bad and small good?

Not always. Some things matter more than class size.
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Are big classes really a problem?

It’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it.
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Minister’s surprising vision for higher ed

Glen Murray sees dramatic changes ahead for Ontario
teaching assistant

University of Toronto tutorials are too big

What good is a lab or tutorial with 50 or 100 students in it?
students lecture

The biggest class ever. Are universities ready?

Residences are full. Courses are too. Welcome to first year.
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Profs worry quality of university in Ontario falling

Pressure government to increase funding in lead-up to Ontario budget
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Waterloo’s smallest class: me

The joys of not sitting beside the Loud Whisperer
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Waterloo to profs: no more tiny classes

Cites "financial constraint," need to "deploy our teaching resources effectively"