(Photography by Daniel Neuhaus)

The Hot Spot: Halifax

Where to eat, drink, play and stay in the seaside city right now
(Illustrations: Anne Cresci)

Why isn’t more clothing made in Canada?

Buying affordable domestically made clothing isn’t as easy as the “shop local” mantra makes it sound. Here’s how we got here—and what it would take for the industry to return to its former glory.
Toronto Textile Recycling buys donated clothing, and employees sort and grade each piece before the clothes are sold around the world (Photograph by Christie Vuong)

What really happens to the clothes you donate

A clothing grader in Brampton, Ont.—which buys unsold, used clothing and sells it to buyers across the globe—provides a glimpse into one of the world’s largest second-hand clothing economy hubs
New bulletproof protection clothing for children

Colombian designer finds market for bulletproof kids’ clothes

Slim, stylish, and—in case of an emergency—a shield
Mark’s Work Wearhouse makes a move on the ladies

Mark’s Work Wearhouse makes a move on the ladies

The working man’s department store rebrands itself to chase a female demographic
niqab by Sooraya Graham

Muslim’s big bra photo spurs oversized outrage

Some people in B.C. have their panties in a twist
skinny jeans

Turned away from an exam for skinny jeans

"I thought he was joking," says student
Why you can't seem to buy winter boots

Why you can’t seem to buy winter boots

Canadians have a (delusional) wardrobe bias toward summer clothing
Missing image

Girls can’t wear jeans to school, say university presidents

Indian state government tells schools to ignore illegitimately issued female dress code