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What you need to know about today’s economic news

April 21: Federal budget day — plus ... an earnings bonanza, an anti-trust marathon, and the future of Coca-Cola

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Apple surpasses Coca-Cola as the most valuable brand
Mascot protection program

This polar bear hunting quota brought to you by Coca-Cola

There’s a lot riding on the results of the latest polar bear count
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An African health minister’s dilemmas

The Cola Road, Week 3: Claire Ward in conversation with Dr. Joseph Kasonde
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Pepsi Michael Jackson

Pepsi hopes Michael Jackson is still the king of pop

One billion Pepsi cans plastered with Michael Jackson’s silhouette will soon be on the market

Q&A: Brad Trost

’Everyone knows I’m a pro-life Member of Parliament’
Canning it

Canning it

Coca-Cola’s climbdown from its white holiday-can debacle has been awkward, to say the least