Introducing the 2023 3M National Teaching Fellowship Award Winners

Meet the university and college educators who, through leadership and dedication to teaching, are making a difference.

How dorm life helps students find community

On-campus residence isn’t just a university thing. Many colleges in Canada offer student housing and all its benefits.

How five students found friends and community in college

"I’ve never been homesick since. It’s really a family away from home."

Introducing the 2022 3M National Teaching Fellowship Award Winners

Celebrating some of the country’s best university and college teachers
(Illustrations by Melanie Lambrick)

Did the pandemic make post-secondary students more resilient?

More than two thirds of students surveyed told us that they have felt optimistic, productive and equipped to handle their problems during the pandemic. But this isn’t a straightforward story about resilience.
McGregor, co-director of the Amplify Podcast Network (Courtesy of Hannah McGregor)

Extending scholarship to oral traditions through podcasting

How a group of creative Canadian academics is changing the face—or is that sound?—of scholarship

Got a business problem? College students can solve it.

Applied research programs at SAIT show how college students, facilities and faculty can tackle entrepreneurs’ challenges and gain real-world experience in the process

Polytechnics shouldn’t be an afterthought for students

Whatever name they go by, polytechnics offer hands-on experience and skills training, so students are employable even before they leave campus
Paul Guilmain

These diplomas are for students with families, mortgages and hectic schedules

The number of mature students on campus is rapidly rising—and schools are catering to experienced freshmen