Colleges Guide 2021

Virtual galleries celebrated the graduates of the illustration and interior design programs (Dawson College)

These Dawson College students missed out on a live gallery show. So they went virtual.

When the arts students took their year-end exhibit to a virtual gallery, thousands of eager guests rushed to see the immersive 3D space, complete with floating avatars, virtual drinks and a bevy of interactive features
Byrne (left) measures bull kelp near Campbell River, B.C., with NIC graduate Sally Enns (Photograph by Melissa Renwick)

Why colleges in Canada are ’hard-wired’ to the communities that surround them

Colleges, which are in Canada’s biggest cities and smallest towns, work closely with local industry and community groups when designing their programs and research projects
Teleconferencing during COVID-19 lockdown. (Getty Images)

What college students in Canada can expect during COVID

Maclean’s spoke with dozens of Canadian colleges to get a sense of what students can expect this fall