The Cree beaded hood (Courtesy of Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute)

Canada’s museums are slowly starting to return Indigenous artifacts

The western world is under growing pressure to confront issues around the rightful ownership of art and artifacts. In Canada, that reckoning has just begun.

Maison Busteed, considered the oldest house in the eastern region of Gaspésie, was set ablaze and destroyed in an alleged act of criminal arson at the end of May (Courtesy of Michel Goudreau)

After a Quebec heritage house is set on fire, what can emerge from the ashes?

Some thought the Maison Busteed, built on unceded land, should have been preserved, others considered it a symbol of colonialism to be demolished. The decades-long argument recently came to an acrimonious end.

Canada must stop normalizing inequality for Indigenous people

Cindy Blackstock: The federal government, which has an insatiable appetite to be thanked for inadequate measures, should expect no gratitude for discrimination

HBC’s ‘Colonial Barbie’ comes with some baggage

The toy, emblazoned in the Hudson’s Bay Company’s iconic colours, is a hot-ticket reminder of a colonial past

British government apologizes for colonial crimes

The apology to Kenyans marks a first for the nation

Britain goes to trial for colonial crimes

Kenyans look for financial compensation and a state apology for torture committed 60 years ago


Dog, cat, and mouse in the South Atlantic

Argentina, the world press tells us, intends to rename its top soccer league the “Cruiser General Belgrano First Division”, in honour of the Argentine ship sunk by the Royal Navy during the 1982 Falklands War. Far be it from any outsider to prescribe how a country honours its war dead, but honour is not what the move is about: it’s part of a continuing, exhausting barrage of Falklands agitprop from Argentina’s Kirchner government. Kirchner is scrambling to keep Argentine economic growth rolling, barracking businesses and workers in the classic caudillo manner as inflation outpaces the dubious official statistics. She has tried, with some success, to close off Southern Hemisphere ports to boats flying the maritime flag of the Falklands and to weld traditionally UK-friendly neighbours into a regional bloc against “colonialism”. Tensions are high and the Falkland Islanders are feeling besieged.


What he was talking about when he talked about colonialism (II)

Shawn Atleo isn’t buying the Prime Minister’s Office’s explanation of the Prime Minister’s statement that Canada has “no history of colonialism.”


What he was talking about when he talked about colonialism

The Prime Minister’s Office offers its interpretation of what the Prime Minister meant when he said in Pittsburgh that Canada has “no history of colonialism.”