Comber Fair


Ignatieff in summer

In the latest print edition of Maclean’s there are something like 1,300 words, under this byline, about Michael Ignatieff’s summer. Here, for your amusement, curiosity or comparison, is the indulgently long version, including a never-before-seen alternate ending.


In the mud

And now, courtesy of Susan Delacourt, there are these videos of Michael Ignatieff and the Comber Fair demolition derby.


Michael Ignatieff: At the fair

Iggy and Justin Trudeau muck about

Calling London

Michael Ignatieff on Canadians’ desire for ‘something more compassionate’


And we’re back

Greetings from downtown London, Ontario. The Liberal Express and my vacation have arrived in roughly the same part of the country and since you can never fill a magazine piece with enough local colour, I am once more on the road.