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What’s missing from the Justin Bieber Apology Tour

The comedy roast is all well and good, but the troubled pop star needs to take a page from the Miley Cyrus playbook

Breaking the grass ceiling

Broad City levels the lowbrow-comedy playing field with a new archetype: the female stoner dude

The Super Bowl for comedians

The celebrity roast goes mainstream

Censors are sharpening their scissors, but a good roast is the Super Bowl for comedians


TV’s return to Normalcy

Norm Macdonald has, after what amounts to a decade-long absence, returned to television as the star of his own show. I know many of you will greet this news with a “Who cares?” Macdonald is almost as polarizing and distinctive a comedian as Andy Kaufman, though it is easy to overlook this because of the pathological purity of his approach. He’s an intelligent man who would seemingly rather die than make a joke that was even slightly “inside”, and a fairly gifted mimic who wheels out an impression maybe once every three or four years.