Committee business: Eleventy-member committees? Okay, that works too.

Okay, so it’s not quite the ITQ proposal which would have bumped opposition-chaired committees up to thirteen members, but dropping the total by one  has exactly the same result, as far as preventing the dreaded de facto majority. (Best of all, this means that committees will soon be back in business, to which we can only give a heartfelt ‘Hurray!’):


Committee business: Now y’all are thinking like an Official Opposition party, guys.

(Click here for ITQ’s borderline obsessive coverage of this ongoing drama.)


Committee Business: Six of one, half dozen of the other?

Not when it comes to House committees, that’s for sure — not when, as previously –  and exhaustively – documented, a sixth seat at the table would give the Conservatives a de facto majority on at least three committees currently chaired by the opposition: Public Accounts, Government Operations and Estimates, and – perhaps most critically, given the antics of the last session – Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics.