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While the Bank of Canada has generally said fundamentals drove the oil boom, there have been hints it saw other factors at play

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China’s stock market frenzy masks a serious slowdown in the country’s economy, and that could mean even more pain for Canada

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Carney: This time it’s different

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The Canada bubble

The Canada bubble

The Canadian economy is booming and investors are flooding in. Is it too good to be true?


Econowatch: If a giant stumbles…

For the past decade, it has been difficult to pick-up a newspaper without reading a headline about China’s phenomenal economic growth and its impact on everything from oil prices to global food supplies. And thanks to our resource-based economy, Canada in particular has benefitted from the boom in commodity prices sparked by China’s seemingly insatiable appetite for oil and other raw materials. But what happens if China’s growth were to slow dramatically over the next few years?


Two charts you need to see about commodities and the housing market

All of Canada’s strengths are underpinned by the phenomenal commodity bull market