How five students found friends and community in college

"I’ve never been homesick since. It’s really a family away from home."
Traffic on the Gardiner Express

Commuting from Brampton to Toronto in under two minutes

Five per cent of Canadians spend more than an hour in their car each day. What’s that feel like? Maclean’s went behind the wheel to experience the crawling morning commute from Brampton to downtown Toronto during peak rush hour, hitting three highways, one expressway, and the stop-and-go of the city’s traffic lights. How long is your commute?
Toronto Downtown and Trains Light Trails

What Canadians think of travel and transportation

Would Canadians get in a self-driving car, how much time do we spend commuting and more.
TTC Rush Hour Traffic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A surprisingly cheery history of urban commuting

Ian Gately’s ’Rush Hour’ on why we seem to love the commute every bit as much as we complain about it
Ravanne and mom

Don’t tease me for living with Mom

I save money, get support and avoid rotten roommates
Cars stopped in traffic

Stuck in traffic

Our rush hours rank with the world’s worst. Andrew Coyne has the solution.
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A sea of green lights

Should signals follow traffic, not vice versa?
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Divided they ride

Drivers ignore painted lanes for cyclists. Vancouver decided there was only one way to fix that problem.