conrad murray

We should have had you do O.J.!

‘We should have had you do O.J.!’

The prosecution gets the kudos as Dr. Conrad Murray is convicted in the death of pop deity Michael Jackson

How did the king of pop die?

How did Michael Jackson die?

Lorazepam? Propofol? It’s clear the King of Pop was a mess.


How the devil does business

As the content of the Supreme Court’s “responsible communication” ruling propagates, I am seeing and hearing a lot of despairing wails of “Oh, TMZ will just love this!” Well, I’m sure the folks at TMZ love it when someone complains about them—usually, one guesses, in between visits to the site. In a mere matter of months TMZ has managed to replace the poor old Enquirer as the go-to synecdoche for the irresistible evils of celebrity-stalking.