After #MeToo, it’s time to talk about consent

Only one in three Canadians understand what consent means. If we’ve learned anything in the wake of Weinstein and #MeToo, it’s that that has to change, argues Angelyn Francis.

How we judge sexual assault perpetrators—and their victims

Zoe Whittall’s latest novel navigates the minefield of consent, rape and insiders turned to the outside
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Swipe for yes: Apps that document sexual consent

The makers of apps that document permission-to-proceed hope to sharpen blurry lines—and tackle sex assault. But others have concerns.
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Project Consent gets straight to the point

A new campaign that went viral last week aims to strip away the metaphors from lessons on sexual consent
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Nova Scotia students are crazy about consent

Student group decides saying yes to sex isn’t enough
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Falsies don’t mean ’yes’

Manitoba justice was wrong to base ruling on rape victim’s clothing