Jasper, Canada (Denis Yankin/EyeEm/Getty Images)

Gordon Stenhouse, Grizzly whisperer, on humans sharing the world with bears

Biologist Gordon Stenhouse has observed grizzlies’ respect for humans. He wishes we’d return the favour.

This American caribou is the last of its kind—and it lives in Canada

The fate of the mountain caribou species now rests entirely within Canada and biologists are worried.
Yellow-eared Toucanet (Selenidera spectabilis). (Miguel Siu)

Why global conservation is a Canadian responsibility

On National Bird Day, a plea that efforts to conserve the world’s threatened ecosystems help us all—and go a long way

David Miller: Why conservation needs to be king

In conversation with David Miller, the former Toronto mayor and current WWF-Canada CEO, about troubling new statistics and more
Mascot protection program

This polar bear hunting quota brought to you by Coca-Cola

There’s a lot riding on the results of the latest polar bear count
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What’s badgering the U.K.?

A planned badger cull has British animal lovers baring their teeth
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Wasting away

Canadians are among the biggest water wasters in the world. The reason: it’s cheap.