The view of Canadian conservatism outside the Ottawa bubble

From bar stools across the country, the view of the Tory party race is unkind, and troubling
Conservative Conference

Preston Manning on the state of the conservative movement

The former Reform leader addresses the Manning conference

David Frum’s first novel reckons with conservativism in crisis

Theme: a U.S. conservative party hijacked by dastardly ideologues. Sound familiar?
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OPIRG fee voted down by Queen’s students

Campus conservatives celebrate
A scourge on a comeback

Syphilis is on a comeback

The Victorian-era disease is plaguing booming Alberta. Who is to blame?
Finally, time for a real agenda

Finally, time for a real agenda

Andrew Coyne spells out what’s on the Tory to-do list

Hard right? Hardly

Paul Wells says social conservatism is on the rise; Andrew Coyne disagrees
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The politics of IQ

Squabbling persists over who’s smarter, liberals or conservatives. Maybe a better question is: who cares?