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An illustration of rows of kids with smartphones in their hands and a teacher standing in front of them

Big Idea: Teach kids about misinformation 

With the rampant spread of fake news and conspiracy theories, Canadian students would benefit from extra lessons in BS detection.

QAnon followers have lost no faith in the movement, despite its many prophetic failures (Olivier Touron/AFP/Getty Images)

Welcome to crazy town: The QAnon movement explained

A new book traces how QAnon’s openness to bizarre, dangerous beliefs has lent it terrifying power

Love makes the world go…flat

Paul Wells: If you want to believe in goofy faux-science theories—from the flat earth to cupping—it’s pretty easy nowadays to find a like-minded friend

Why your belief in JFK theories is so wrong

The release of new documents related to the JFK assassination won’t satisfy conspiracy theorists who have always misunderstood how politics and power interact

Why Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories are strangely popular

Just how big a threat are Trump’s conspiracy theories to the democratic process in America?


Will authorities revisit TWA 800?

Colby Cosh on conspiracy theories, Snowden Effects and the 1996 explosion of a plane off the coast of New York

Bin Laden: Dead or alive?

Bin Laden: Dead or alive?

Rumours about bin Laden are only the latest in a toxic new wave of conspiracy theories


Am I the only one who’s seeing this?

Recession, war: nothing slows U.S. paranoia productivity. And nation, we can’t fall behind.


Behold the awesome power of the fall legislative agenda!

Screenyoinked from earlier this afternoon:


Attention Sorosophobes/philes: We’ve hit the big time, y’all.

OMG OMG! You’ll never believe this — like, moments after typing up the final entry in my liveblog of the campaign launch, who should appear in front of me but a friendly neighbourbood John Baird campaign staffer, bearing a stack of freshly printed press releases bearing the fabulously evocative headline: “SHADOWY FOREIGN ORGANIZATION ATTEMPTING TO INFLUENCE CANADIAN ELECTION” – which would be awesome enough all on its own, but the subhead made it even better: Apparently – their words, not mine – a “Wall Street Billionaire” is “bankrolling [the] campaign”.